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Stay out of debt and stay out of jail:

The legal truth about work-at-home money, package, and check forwarding jobs


How to really verify a check

Your ID Theft Prevention To-Do List

What to do about threats from scammers


Scam Solution Center: Information Documents

Tools, Informational Documents, Explanations & Definitions

For: Indebted Fraud Victims, Fraud Victims at Risk of Arrest, Arrested Fraud Victims


Attorney/Client Privilege Waiver: This letter gives your attorney permission to discuss you case with us and lists contact information for our Attorney Liaison Officer, our Chief Fraud Victim Advocate, and the CIO-Law Enforcement Support Division.  To obtain a copy of the Client Privilege Waiver, please complete the Arrested Fraud Victim Intake Form or the Fraud Victim at Risk of Arrest Intake Form or write to

Bank and Credit Union deposits - see How to Really Verify a Check or Money Order

Bill of Rights for victims of crime

Budget Worksheet

Catching the Bad Guys

Checks and Money Orders - How to Really Verify a Check or Money Order

CheckSystems (ChexSys)

Debt Management

Debtor's Rights

Explanations & Definitions

Important notice for arrested fraud victims and their attorneys:

The information on the pages in this section will help you understand what is happening with your case, what to expect, different phrases you will hear, and more.

While not a complete run-down of the entire Justice System, after reading this section you will have a much better understanding of what is happening to you now, and what will happen to you as you go along.

Terms and processes are not the same in all countries.  The Explanations & Definitions are generic to the US, Canada, and countries whose Justice System is based in whole or in part on British Law.  Specifics differ from state to state, Province to Province, and country to country.

Please review this section with your Criminal Defense Attorney / Public Defender so that he or she can clarify any questions you may have, and explain what differences that may exist between the Explanations & Definitions in this section and those local to you.

Advice from friends and relatives

Miranda Rights



Arrested for trying to verify a draft

Pattern of behavior

Burden of proof

Person of interest

Checks in your pocket

Pleas, accepting a plea

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Police Interview vs. police interrogation

Deferred sentencing

Presenting a counterfeit check or money order



Expunging your record

Probation vs. parole


Public Defenders



"Innocent until proven guilty"

Removing the arrest from your record


Verifying a check or money order



File a Fraud Report / File a Crime Report - see How to Write a Narrative of Events

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Read an Agreement

How to Really Verify a Check or Money Order: Stay out of debt and stay out of jail - what they don't tell you about checks and account liability.

How to Write a Budget Packet Cover Letter to Creditors

How to Write a Narrative of events, Brief Format: Tell your story to us, your attorney, or file a crime report to law enforcement in an effective manner.  For short-term, relatively straightforward frauds.

How to Write a Narrative of Events, Full-Length Format: Tell your story to us, your attorney, or file a crime report to law enforcement in an effective manner.  For long-term, complex frauds.  Includes section for a Middleman in a fraud.

Identity Theft Prevention To-Do List

Law Enforcement - see You and Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Jurisdictions - WHERE TO REPORT A SCAM: Talking to the right jurisdiction and navigating your way through the law enforcement system without wasting your time

Miranda: Know your Miranda Rights and how to use them

Narrative of events: see How to Write a Narrative Brief Format - Full-Length Format

Threats from scammers - how to handle them, what to do

Wire Transfer Systems - How funds transfer systems really work, who uses them

You and Law Enforcement - An arrested scam victim's guide to understanding law enforcement.

You and Your Attorney - A scam victim's guide to working with your civil or criminal defense attorney (public or private).


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