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Sample Narrative:

Employment Scam

Sample Narrative:

Romance Scam

How to Write a Narrative

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Why do you have to write a narrative?

A properly written narrative provides the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of the events providing the information we (and/or your attorney or law enforcement if you are filing a fraud complaint) need to assess the best course of action for your situation.

Fraud Victim Debtors:

Your narrative helps us determine available negotiation, mediation, and/or dispute issues that can be used to resolve your debt.

We combine your budget and narrative into one complete picture that is the best tool you can give us to help you in your current situation.

Without an accurate picture of your financial situation (budget) plus a sequence of events (narrative) we cannot help you.

Fraud Victims At Risk of Arrest:

Your narrative helps us determine whether you are actually at risk of arrest or not, and what steps you need to take to resolve your situation.

Arrested Fraud Victims:

Your narrative helps us determine the tools your Defense Attorney needs to provide you with an aggressive defense.

Because we work with arrested fraud victims on a daily basis, and have been doing so for years, your narrative also helps us determine if there are arguments your Defense Attorney can use that he or she may not be aware of for your particular situation.


In all cases,  your narrative begins with the initial contact from the scammer and finishes with your last communication with your creditor or the authorities.

These are the elements of a narrative:

> Who was and is involved;

> What happened to you;

> Where it happened to you;

> When it happened to you.


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