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When it comes to debt management, most of us are at sea.  In High School we're taught how to write checks, not how to manage our money.


Without knowing how to manage our money, we're not prepared for good times or bad times.  We don't even know what to aim for.


It's rare day that a scam victim comes to us who is not already in the midst of a financial boondoggle.  Even those who were financially sound or even well off before the scam are usually facing hardship afterwards. 


People come to us who have been reported to ChexSystems, whose credit has been ruined, who are within inches of losing their home, who have lost their jobs, who cannot pay for their medication because of a bank action, and who are wondering if they will be thrown out on the street.


In other words, people who are at the end of their rope and can no longer think straight.  People who are frantic and don't even know the questions to ask, much less where to go to ask them.


If this sounds like you, there is hope.


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We have partnered with Springboard, a Community Service nonprofit headquartered in California with offices all over the US.  The counselors at Springboard are trained and experienced to work with men and women who need debt management help and are living on the edge.


Springboard outreach is available in all but a few states.  If they cannot assist you because you live in a state in which they are not yet licensed, ask them for a local recommendation.


You will find that Springboard covers a broad spectrum of credit issues:


·         Manage Debt

·         Avoid Foreclosure

·         Explore Bankruptcy

·         Financial Education

·         Reduce/Consolidate Debt


Springboard offers a one-hour free debt consultation phone session.


They offer Bankruptcy Counseling & Education, Housing Counseling, How-To's, books, articles on financial education, financial tools such as Mortgage and Credit Card Payoff, Home Budget counseling and a Home Budget Calculator, Foreclosure Prevention, Reverse Mortgage counseling, and the list goes on.


Why don't you give them a call?


Go to their web site to see what they have to offer you:


Fraud Aid, Inc. does not financially benefit from your activity with Springboard.


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