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Welcome to the Fraud Aid Learning Center.


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(Caroline, Terrell: This is the only active study)

How to Recognize Malicious Persuasion: A foundation study that covers the basic tools of fraud

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  • Seventeen different persuasion methods (tools) are explored.

  • At the end of each method overview, a list of warning signs is provided

  • The warning signs are followed by a series of actions you can implement to ward off the fraud and possibly gather information useful to law enforcement.

How to Recognize a Relationship Scam

More details


How to Recognize Employment Scams

More details


How to Recognize a Fraudulent Web Site

More details


How to Recognize and Track Email Scams

More details


How to Perform Basic Due Diligence

More details


How to Recognize an Advance Fee Scam

More details

International Trade / Financial Instruments Scams

Prerequisite courses: How to Recognize Malicious Persuasion;

How to Recognize a Relationship Scam

More details


Scams Parents Need to Recognize

How to Teach Your Children to Recognize a Scam

A two-part course

More details


How to Recognize Gypsy Scams

More details


and so forth ...






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