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Newspaper and magazine articles

Note: Many articles were lost when the website was moved to a new server.  If you find an article that is not listed here, we would be awfully happy if you told us about it and where to find it.  We are currently missing around 5 articles dated between February 2003 and July 2005, and 3 articles dates in 2008.

The list below does not include the radio interviews in the US, the UK, and Australia, nor television reports in the US.

 - Thank you, Annie McGuire


Newhouse News Service  October 3, 2007

If You Think you Can't Be Scammed, Think Again

- by Katherine Reynolds Lewis


R News - News on Demand  March 28, 2006

Online Lottery Scam

 - by Casey J. Bortnick


Reno Gazette-Journal  February 19, 2006

Foreign lottery scams targeting Nevadans. Fake checks used

to confuse victims; police say they get about 20 reports a month

 - by Jaclyn O'Malley


La Prensa en Linea       February 16, 2006

Promesas sin recompensa

 - by Yolanda Sansegundo


Chicago Sun Times    5 December, 2005

Check Bait

 - by Mary Wisniewski


Direct Magazine    1 February, 2005

Surge of Support


Casey Research   24 January 2005

Online article about tsunami frauds

 - by Doug Casey


Asia Pacific News    12 January 2005

Scam artists hitch a ride on tsunami relief effort


USA TODAY    10 January 2005

Crooks faking Web sites to bilk unwitting donors

 - By Edward Iwata and Martin Kasindorf


The Times Online    6 January, 2005

Beware the e-mail scammers



IT News Australia    4 January 2005

Mystery tsunami website no hoax

 - by Fleur Doidge


Consumer Report WebWatch    26 January, 2004

The Check's in the Mail

"419" E-mail Schemes Change with the Times

 - by Robertson Barrett


Information Week   

Virtual Detective Tracks Scammers

 - by Thomas Claburn


The San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate    5 February, 2003

Annie's Scam

 - Lisa Margonelli


50 Plus  2003

Buyer Beware: Seven Scam Artists

 - by Jayne MacAulay


Fox News Mobile 2009

Gangs Collect Millions In Fake Jamaican Lottery



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