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Scam victims - what to do and how to do it if you are in trouble from the following scams:


Work at home scams

Processing or reshipping checks, money orders;

Re-shipping envelopes and/or merchandise;

Receiving money wired into your account;

Writing checks on somebody else's account;

Secret Shopper jobs;

Receiving credit cards or gift cards from a foreign employer or someone you met online.

• Romance scams

• Overpayment scams

• Lottery scams

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You have received packages and re-shipped them

You have received packages and have not re-shipped them

You have been told you will receive packages and have not yet received them


Western Union and MoneyGram were designed to send money to friends and family, not to send money to strangers.


  1. If you have been receiving packages and have sent some off to the addresses on the labels supplied to you by the scammers, please file a report with your local Main Post Office.  Letters and packages fall under the jurisdiction of the US Postal Inspector regardless of the method you are using to send them and how you are receiving them. 

    Please file a report with the shipping firm (FedEx, Airborne, etc.) and ask for the Fraud Department.  In some instances, the packages will not have been picked up on the other end and can be returned.

    This is to get the scam on record.  Without records, there is no way for enforcement to keep track of these scams, and no way to budget funds to fight them.

    File a report with your local law enforcement.  It's best to make them aware of the scam, and that it's happening in their community.

  2. Please contact each merchant that is shipping packages to you and explain what is going on.

  3. Turn back all new deliveries.  We have heard of instances where entire truckloads of electronics have been delivered to someone like you, and the truck drivers are not very happy when told to take everything back.  It's hard on a trucker to do that when he is expecting to have an empty container to fill with another delivery for the return trip.  Be understanding, don't return his anger, explain what is going on.  Remember, now he's a victim of the scam as well.

  4. It is possible that you will be stuck with the merchandise.  Some merchants would rather write off the merchandise as a loss than pay for shipping back to the store.  You can ask your Post Office to take the packages and you can ask local law enforcement to take the packages.

In some instances, you may have to simply drop off the packages at your local law enforcement office, telling them you discovered the merchandise was purchased with stolen credit cards and the merchants do not want it back.

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If you have

  • been arrested,

  • know you are facing arrest,

  • or are under formal investigation for this or any other scam:

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