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Turn the tables and spot the con - questions you can ask that will make a scammer run from you.



A con artist will tell you everything and anything you want to hear - up to the point where you start asking pointed questions. These are the questions a con artist will not answer, or will answer with false information, or lull you with excuses and then flee the scene:



  Rule 1:

Never ask the fox if he is guarding the hen house, meaning don't ask the person with the offer if the offer is legitimate.

  Rule 2: Never accept an excuse.
  Rule 3: Always verify information independent of any phone numbers or addresses given to you by the person with the offer.
  Rule 4: Always contact the account holder to verify a suspicious check against the ledger.


Questions a con artist will dodge:

  1. May I have your business license number?

  2. Do you belong to the Chamber of Commerce?

  3. May I call your local Chamber of Commerce?

  4. What is the name of your banker so I can verify your statements?

  5. May I have your broker's license number?

  6. Would you mind going with me to speak with my bank officer?

  7. What state/country agencies are you registered with?

  8. What sort of references can you provide?

  9. Can you give me addresses where I can see samples of your work?

  10. Do you mind if I get a second opinion?

  11. May I call your embassy about that?

  12. Do you mind if I check with the local authorities?

  13. May I have your contractor's license number?

  14. Do you mind if I call the AMA (American Medical Association)?

  15. Do you mind if I call the ABA (American Bar Association)?

  16. Do you mind if I call the Banking Commission?

  17. Will you show your Trustee papers to my lawyer?

  18. Do you mind if I verify that procedure with my banker and/or my attorney?

  19. Will you wait while I contact the account holder to verify the check?


Given the situation, I'll bet you can think up a few questions of your own. If not, please contact us.


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