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Attorney Collection Scam

Developed in 2008 by a Nigerian scammer and proliferated in October of 2008, this scam directly targets individual attorneys and attorney firms under the guise of a client seeking an attorney to provide collection services.

The attorney is sent a counterfeit draft for as much as $550,000.

As with the work-at-home scams, the attorney is instructed to wire the lion's share of the draft to the client or to a 3rd party.

Because few people think to contact the account holder to verify the draft, and because the scammers have already hacked into the account holder's account to verify ongoing balances, the draft is always pronounced as "good" by the bank.

(see How to Really Verify a Check or Money Order)

Look for this scam to emanate from the Eastern European and Asian scam networks in the near future, and to include funds wired from hacked accounts.

For more information about this scam CLICK HERE or write to