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Fraud Aid is not just another anti-fraud web site.

My name is Annie McGuire and I started Fraud Aid in 1999 because it is inconceivable that fraud victims were and are so often treated as the bad guys while letting the real criminals go unpunished.  On top of that, while victims of violent crimes are offered support at nearly every level of social services, fraud victims are often swept under the carpet.

Fraud is an insidious, sneaky crime that ruins individuals and families, causes corporations to go under that support hundreds, sometimes thousands of employees and their families, raises insurance costs, raises product costs, and produces untold grief at all levels of society worldwide.

It steals food from the mouths of the hungry; it causes homelessness, unemployment, increases the welfare tolls and yes, even brings death.

Fraudsters don't care about any of this.

And yet, fraud can be stopped.  You and me, we can stop fraud. 

All it takes to stop fraud is awareness.  All it takes to stop fraud is for each and every person who has had an experience with a scammer to tell a friend, a neighbor, the cashier at the grocery store, a cousin, a sister, a brother, a mother, a child.

No one is immune to fraud - not one single person on earth.  What is an obvious fraud to one sounds like an opportunity to another.

There is more fraud than any other type of crime.

But it doesn't need to be that way.  Working together we can make it so difficult for fraudsters to pander their false hopes that the numbers will actually begin to dwindle.

How can that be accomplished?  By ensuring that every incident of fraud is reported as a theft report, and by ensuring that every suspicion of fraud can be reported without fear of ridicule from those who should be offering support, or fear of reprisal from employers.

Only a very small percentage of people ever report a fraud theft or identity theft, and so the numbers appear small.  As long as that continues, fraudsters will continue to thumb their noses at law enforcement and at all of us.

Fraudsters are laughing like hyenas.  They laugh at law enforcement and they laugh at their victims.  They will keep doing so until we, working together, turn their greedy joy into tears of frustration.

Remember this: Silence is fraud's best friend.  Word of mouth is fraud's worst enemy.  Pass the word!TM

Annie McGuire

Founder (Ret.)

Fraud Aid, Inc.


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