You must take IMMEDIATE action if you are or believe you are the victim of Identity Theft: had your wallet stolen, your purse or backpack stolen, your passport stolen, your mail stolen from your mailbox, or provided a copy of your birth certificate to an unknown party.


by Karyn Solocheck, author of

Don't Let This Happen To You: America's ID Theft Nightmare


  1. File a police report.  You need this in order to complete Step 2. 

  2. Contact all 3 Credit Bureaus by phone to have your records fraud flagged with a 7-year flag.  Alert them that your identity has been stolen.  Tell them you will back it with written proof (the police report), and ask them what address to send it to.  THIS IS A FREE SERVICE on the part of the Credit Bureaus and it's the law.  You will find the reference in the Federal Trade Commission Final Rule on Free Annual Credit Reports.  (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the full text which is linked in the right hand column of Final Rule page.)

    • Equifax - Fraud Dept. Number: 1-800-290-8749

    • Trans Union - Fraud Dept. Number: 1-800-680-7289

    • Experian - Fraud Dept. Number: 1-800-583-4080

  3. Contact the Social Security Administration and ask them to fraud flag your number.

  4. In case of the theft of a wallet, purse, backpack, passport

    • Contact all credit card issuers, fraud flag all accounts;

    • Contact your bank, fraud flag all accounts;

    • Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles, fraud flag your driver's license;

    • Contact the State Department and fraud flag your passport.

    • In all countries: contact the issuing agencies and request a fraud flag.  In the event that this is not possible in your country, please request that you be issued all new documents, close all financial accounts and open new ones.

  5. In the event of mail theft, contact your area Postal Inspector's Office.  Tell them that you suspect your mail has been stolen and ask them to check to see that no one has changed your address.

  6. If you provided a copy of your Birth Certificate, then you must be on the alert for the rest of your life.  Obtain credit reports on a regular basis and keep a careful watch on all your financial statements.

Next, over time:

  • Keep an eye on your credit card statements

  • Watch your bank balance.

  • Obtain credit reports on a regular basis (you should do this in any event).

  • Keep following up with the police or sheriff's department on your report.


Don't Let This Happen To You

America's Identity Theft Nightmare

             by Karyn Solocheck

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Identity Theft incidents rose 80% between the years of 2002-2003



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