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fraud recognition & prevention education, fraud victim advocacy, law enforcement support

Fraud recognition & prevention education, fraud victim advocacy, law enforcement support


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Welcome to ScamSpam™ Warnings!

Although this section of is not yet fully developed, I couldn't wait to start bringing you examples of the types of scam letters that drop into my mailbox every day.  Spam may be a nuisance, but the ones offering riches are downright irresistible for some.

Eventually all the letters will be in a searchable database like the one in the Lottery Scams section.  For right now, the first letter will remain on this ScamSpam home page.

So let's get right to it.

Today's Scam Alert has to do with a letter that wants you to think you have won the opportunity to appear in a Warner Bros. movie.  Just fork over $150.00.

Here's the letter, from Malmoe in Sweden:

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 10:37 PM
Importance: High

Warner Bros studios
342 empress lane
Barking, sw19bnd london u.k

Dear applicant,

This email notification certifies that you have been randomly
selected via email to apply and participate as an "Act" in the
induction,casting and making of "SUPERMAN THE MOVIE " which
will be In Theaters by july 2006

This selection is organised by director Bryan Singer, Andrew
Stanton and John Woo in the bid to create original characters for the
casts Starring: Anthony Hopkins.

We will acknowledge your altruistic effort and appreciate your recognition.
Selection of applicants and first shots of SUPERMAN V" will hold in three locations which includes Spain,London and Grecce.

We expect your early attendance.

You are henceforth required to send your application to be
processed before 10th september 2004.

You are required to send in your CV msword format and include :

1.full names

2.Mailing address

3.Telphone /fax numbers

4.Recent photograph (scan and send via email)

5.Sex/nationality/marital status

Anchelon martina.


Mrs.Anchelon Martina is in charge of your travel arrangements and
as soon as your application is processed, We will send you a mail
notification of acceptance and a brochure via FEDEX with details of
your trip.

You are required to pay a registration fee of $150.00 for the
purpose of processing and posting of your travel

We will notified you on your travel departure/arrival date and as
soon as this is done, your travel fund for the trip will be allocated
to you.

NOTE: Failure to oblige will result to cancellation of your application.

All applicants will recieve a mail notification and a
telephone interview after your application as been approved.


REF NUMBER: 03814/17/QG BATCH NUMBER: 09726-14



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