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Green Card Lottery Scam Letter

JANICE BROWN, lottery co-ordinator

Kevin Powell, President

You have been selected as one of the lucky winners on our internet screening machine ... (see below)

WARNING! THIS IS A FORM LETTER BEING SENT FROM ALL SCAM CENTERS: India, Romania, Russia, London, Amsterdam, Lagos, and more - see Purchia_Powell

Some things in this letter are true: the US Government Diversity Lottery web site and the U.S. addresses in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, PA.  All the rest is a lie.  Please note that the addresses used by the scammers are "," a service provider located in Tel Aviv, Israel, owned by Gilat Satcom, an Israeli satellite communications company.  This letter was sent from Russia using Gilat Satcom to connect to the Internet.

Gilat Satcom is very popular with scammers because they can access the Internet from anywhere and any country where there is a Gilat Satcom alliance.  Currently, Gilat is offering an attractive package to residents of Lagos, a popular Nigerian Scam center.  For information on its move into Russia, please read Intersputnik Today (Adobe PDF).

All United States Government agency addresses end in .gov:  "usagency@(name of agency).gov

The "" web sites do not exist. is a web host, not a US Government agency.  The phony web sites names were created only to be used in the scam as an email. 

There is no such thing as  All US State email addresses end in the abbreviation for the state.  Example -  the Delaware Attorney General's Office email looks like this:  where "DE" stands for Delaware.  The domain ".com" stands for "commercial" and is meant for businesses.

A person can only win if he or she enters the DV Lottery - to ENTER the lottery, you must provide photos and address, NOT AFTER.

The DV Lottery is FREE.  There are no charges for any services, not before OR after.



Wed, 24 Aug 2005 21:45:13 +0300


"immigration service" <>




Main address:
U.S. Department of State                                     Public communication Division:
2201 C Street NW                                              PA/PL,Rm.2206
Washington, DC 20520                                       U.S Department of state                                       2201C Street NW
                                                                         Washington,D.C.20520 ATTN: WINNER,
Congratulations ! ! You have been selected as one of the lucky winners on our internet screening machine,DV-2005-2006 USA national visa lottery program.
It is our pleasure to congratulate you on your success in the America DV-2005-2006 VISA LOTTERY GREENCARD which was applied and processed by our immigration service. Your visa lottery winner's identity is ID-GRN777#4200DV# and the serial net visa passport attached to your case number is SNVPh700IU# . In this respect,you are implored to forward the following requirements for further correspondence:
(a) Your present contact address(for correspondent).
(b) Your recent passport photograph :REGULAR MAIL: You can also send your photo(s) by regular mail.
The photo must be between 1 ? by 1 ? and 2 by 2 inches (37-50 mm) square, with the applicant's, spouse's, or child's name printed on the back. Please mail the photos to: Immigration Services
211 South St. #334
Philadelphia, PA 19147
United States. ******Preferably for faster delivery and processing you are implored to make a scanned copy of your recent passport photograph and send it via online(email) to our immigration service***********. (
This is a lie >>> (c) Clearance/acceptance fees of ($549.67)/($749.67) for SINGLE /FAMILY SIZE STATUS.
Details of requirements:
Your present contact address should be forwarded strictly to our attached network receieving email address for correspondent:
Alternatvely for faster processing, a scanned copy of your passport photograph should be send via our attached network recieving email addresses:(,(
This is a lie >>> A clearance/acceptance fees payment ($549.67)/($749.67) SINGLE /FAMILY SIZE STATUS.: we accept only western union money transfer payment method due to some reasons from our past experiences. (creditcard is not acceptable,please.)
Your western union or other means o f money transfer payment information should be forwarded as directed on payment procedures via our attached network recieving email addresses:
Your payment confirmation shall be sent to you as soon as clarification is done on your payment.
Providing the above requirements will assure you your visa lottery acknowledgement card and visa lottery security case code which would be sent to your email addresses as provided.
Important notice :Please make sure you report and forward your lottery visa case code and acknowledgement card to the USA embassy in individual country for other necessary claims as soon as you have been sent all the necessary migration credentials via our attached courier service on accomplishing all necessary process and payment procedure.
According to the united states code of conduct and constitution Vol.176/866 :Act 690SN guiding all immigration, green card permit agencies if non-response after 21days on receiving this notification, your winner's status shall reveal no interest and we would inresponse refer your lottery winning code and acknowledgement card back to the USA government/immigration service center.
We shall be anticipating for your response soonest.
Online Co-ordinator.
                                                                 CONGRATULATIONS !!!
Kelvin Powell.