Fraud victim advocacy, fraud recoginition and prevention education, and law enforcement support

fraud recognition & prevention education, fraud victim advocacy, law enforcement support

Fraud recognition & prevention education, fraud victim advocacy, law enforcement support


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Where the Chain of Events presents only the bald facts, the Narrative paints a picture.  Each is a tool law enforcement will use to apprehend and prosecute the bad guys; each is important in its own way.


Step #8 The Final Step: WRITING THE NARRATIVE:


If you have a word processor on your computer or elsewhere, great.  Following your notes and without emotion (in writing, anyway) begin to write down the sequence of events as you remember them.  

If you don't have a word processor (Word 97, Works, Excel...), then use your yellow pad.  Don't worry about spelling, grammar, syntax, or context.  You're not writing a novel.  You are telling the story of what happened to you as succinctly as possible.


(a) Pull out your copy of the Items of Proof and Items of Proof List.

(b) Pull out your copy of the Names and Contacts List and Chain of Events List.

(c) Begin:


TITLE PAGE: NARRATIVE, your name, address, telephone number(s), and date.


Title: SECTION I.  This section will contain your Items of Proof List.  You can add notes to the different items as you go along.  In your narrative, you will refer to each Item of Proof as Exhibit # so and so.


Title: SECTION II.  This section will contain your Names and Contacts List.  In your narrative, you will refer to Section II-(1,2,3, whichever applies)


Title: SECTION III. This section will contain an elaboration of the Chain of Events.  Maintain chronological order at all times.  





123 Main Street


State, 33303-2222

Home: 555-123-4567

Fax: 555-123-4568

Office: n/a (retired)


Date fraud was initiated: Monday, 12 June, 19...  

Amount lost: $150,000.

Date of last funds transfer: Thursday, 5 October, 19...


Complaint against:

John Pierre Swindle, PhD.

123 Looie Street

Las Vegas, NV 00002

Phone: (123) 555-3456 


1.  My wife, Elizabeth, and I live on a fixed income of $_______________________ from (brokerage house) investments and pension funds.  We are both retired and enjoy playing golf, so we joined the Lomita Country Club.

2.  On Monday, June 12th, we attended a dinner sponsored by the club.  Cocktails were served beginning at 7pm because dinner wasn't until 8:30pm.  Elizabeth and I arrived around 7:30, had one cocktail apiece, and chatted with our friends.

3.  Around 8pm Jim Blow, a friend of ours from church, introduced me to his new friend Dr. Swindle.  Jim told me that Dr. Swindle is an investment counselor, and that he had made good profits by investing with him.  We shook hands and Dr. Swindle gave me his business card.  (Exhibit 1)  I am always interested in making more money to bolster our retirement fund.  Even though our house is almost paid for, our children sometimes need help and our youngest is in graduate school.  Very expensive.

4.  Swindle started to tell me about his investment system.  He told me he runs an exclusive investment club, and that by using a secret system known only to a very select group, his club has been able to realize profits of up to 300% per year.  He said that Jim Blow is a trusted club member, and that he (Swindle) would trust anyone Jim recommended.  Swindle began to elaborate a bit about currency exchanges and bank guarantees when the dinner bell rang.  We agreed to meet for lunch on Wednesday the 14th.

5.  The following morning, Tuesday the 13th, I received a call from Swindle.  This must have been at 10am because I was just getting ready to take the dog for a walk which I do at the same time every day.  Swindle was very courteous, apologized for calling at an inconvenient time, and said he wanted to confirm the luncheon meeting scheduled for the following day.  He asked me if The Wild Boar would be okay, and asked if I would be his guest.  The Wild Boar is the most expensive place in town, so I readily agreed.  I mean, if this fellow is so successful, let him pick up the tab and prove it.

6.  and so on to up to the time you called the authorities.

7.  MAKE A COPY for your records


ASSEMBLY:  In an envelope labeled NARRATIVE, (your name, address, phone(s) and date) - assemble in this order and give to your officer or agent-in-charge.


    Section I

    Section II

    Section III

    Copies of all your Items of Proof in chronological order.


You have reached the end of

How to Write an Effective Fraud Report for the Authorities

If you need assistance with any part of the assembly, or have any questions that are not answered in the instructions, please write to:

I'll be more than glad to give you a hand.  Annie

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